Sunday, April 1, 2012


One of my priorities when we first got here was searching for parks.  Through some research online.  We found Robot Park.  It is two trains and 4 stops away from our place.  We've been there twice so far and I'm guessing we'll go back one last time before we leave.  Whenever we go to a park, the kids get to interact with some of the local children.  It is so fun to watch. 

This slide is part of several slides in a row
The favorite at this park is the long slide
Abby and one of her friends.  This little girl followed Abby around wherever she went.  They had a lot of fun together.
Sitting on a robot

On the right is a big robot totem pole
Getting some help from her new friend's mom

This park we stumbled upon while on a family walk.  It's about a 10 minute walk from our place.  The favorite here is the rocket slide as well as the space to run around.

Making a few more friends
The girl on the left thought Ethan was SO funny!  They all played chase for quite some time.  Ethan was the chaser of course.  

The kids have also enjoyed chasing the pigeons here.  It started with Ethan and Abby then all the other kids joined in.  


Nina said...

So much fun and so close to your place!! How wonderful to make friends with the language of love,play,and fun. That really made me smile to see them play together. Ethan and Abby I know love to go the park here and to find one there is a treasure.Fun and good for mama too (: Love the series of pictures and the video is so adorable. Follow the leader...for some real fun. Love you all so so so much! Besos xoxo

Steph said...

LOVE! Such great pics and I love that they are making little friends! So, so cute. Also, maybe Japan can call up the local park departments and give them some pointers. What fun parks!