Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Preschool Time!

Can you believe it! Ethan is old enough to start preschool. How time flies! He has been very excited for this day. He even woke up earlier than usual because he was so excited. I hope this is not a trend =). This first day we got to go with Ethan to his class to help him interact and check out all the fun things to do. Tomorrow he goes by himself for an hour and next week he starts his regular week. He did so well yesterday! On the way to school he told us he was nervous and shy, but that didnt' last too long. Just check out a few pictures below. He even reached out to a few kids. There were so many fun things for him to do that the time flew by. He can't wait to go back tomorrow.
Here are a few pictures before we left for school
What a handsome boy

He got a little distracted during our photo shoot because the garbage man came. How can I compete with that =).

This picture sums up well how he feels about school

Hello GQ

A little blurry, but I love his expression
My handsome boys

Me and my boy
One more hug before we're off. I think someone is ready to get in the car.

A picture in front of his school.

Washing our hands after doing a hand print with blue paint. Fun!

Checking out the critters

Look at the focus

Showing his artistic side

I thought Ethan was going to be the tallest in his class, but
there was this other kid named Eric at the table that beat him by a few inches. =) Sitting down for circle time. How cute!
Jack and Abby showing off how advanced they are in their writing skills. Look at the sign they made!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Pigtails

Next week, I will be posting about Ethan's first day of school, but today it's all about the pigtails.