Thursday, July 19, 2007

My New Hobby

The last couple of days I've been giving Ethan a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. He loves them, of course, but hasn't mastered how to eat them yet. I'll give him a little sandwich and he smiles big as if I gave him something extra special. He then looks at it and opens it up. You may think he eats it next, but that would be too easy. How about peanut butter side down on the tray in front of him. After nibbling a bit, with gooey fingers mind you, you puts his hands behind his head. By the time lunch was over, he had peanut butter and jelly on his hands, arms, chest, back of his neck and of course his hair. So what was a mom to do? Time for a bath. As you can see, I had a little fun. Okay a lot of fun =).

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Simple Pleasures

Ethan in his pajamas discovered the joy of water from a hose thanks to Grandpa Thompson (who visited for a couple of days). As you can plainly see, he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was completely drenched by the time he was done. And don't worry, it's on video too. A video post to follow sometime soon. Enjoy! Love you Grandpa Thompson! I can't wait to play with you again.

I know this picture is overexposed, but wanted you to see how drenched he was.