Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Muddy Buddies

It all started on a hot day a few weeks back. The kids were having fun playing in the sprinklers. They got bored of that after awhile, so they decided to carry some water in containers and dump it in the dirt. I went in the kitchen to clean up a bit and came back to find their feet covered in mud. No big deal. They can just run in the sprinklers and it will come off like that. I then remembered as a kid my mom letting me play in the mud and make mud patties. I have such good memories of that. So what is a mother to do. Maybe I'm a crazy mother, but I told them to go ahead. Ethan knew what I meant, but wanted to be sure so he asked me. I said cover yourself in mud from head to toe. If only I could have captured the giant smiles on their faces when I said that. =) They had such a blast rubbing it in every possible spot. It took a little work to clean them up (spray down with the hose and an extra long bath) but it was SO worth it!

A little here and a little there
rub rub rub


Showing off their muscles and Abby's floatie swimsuit

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Girlie Girl

A few months ago we had just finished lunch and some sporting event was on. Eric and Ethan were entertained inside so I took the opportunity to have some girl time and snap a few shots too. These pictures are dedicated to her girlie side.

If she is not wearing her princess shoes, she will find mine and put them on.

Dancing Around

I had so much fun just watching her play with the grass

or her toes

Looking at the Tall Trees

Strikin' A Pose with some Pouty Lips =)