Thursday, February 26, 2009

Princess Abby

For her actual Birthday, my family wanted to do something special. We were all sick at the Thompson house, so my mom delivered a princess crown, matching wings, and chocolate cupcakes from the Beaverton Bakery. Abby LOVED her chocolate cupcake. Ethan didn't mind it either =). I'll post pictures and video of Abby eating her cake soon.

I've Been Tagged

Go to your pictures folder, open the 4th folder and post the 4th picture. I found my little sweet little Abby all swaddled up.

As for other blogs that I "blogstock." Mostly Jen's bloglist. Two that I enjoyed were Rory's trip to Mexico and Kristi's mold saga.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Happy Birthday Ethan! We love you so much! You bring us so much joy. Thank you for your hugs, kisses, smile, laugh, silly jokes and so much more! God has truly blessed us with such a sweet son and big brother!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Abigail Grace is 1 Today

Abby, it is so hard to believe you are 1 today. We love your smile, your giggle and the way you're always dancing. You are a precious blessing! Happy Birthday baby girl!

My pajamas from when I was a baby

Sweet Cousins

Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ethan and Abby's Barnyard Birthday Party

Since Ethan and Abby are not even a week apart, we decided on a double birthday party. Abby turns one tomorrow and Ethan turns 3 on the 16th. Ethan has this little tradition of getting sick on his birthday =), but things turned out alright. He even got a second wind and was running all over the place smiling and laughing. It really was a great day!

Best picture ever! Thanks Uncle Mike for putting this keepsake together!

My sweet sister Becky came over on Friday to help decorate the cakes. My mom watched the kids so we could focus =). It took some time, but we did it. Thanks Becky and mom! Abby got a pig cake.

Ethan requested a cow cake

I love me some cheese shaped like a pig. =) Seriously though, look at those eyes!

Ethan telling his buddies what he wanted them to do for the picture =)

They're all sitting and wearing hats. That's an accomplishment =)

These are a little out of order. After I took the candle out, she quickly went for the frosting. What a smart girl!

Abby making her funny face

Cake in one hand and frosting in the other


This one makes me smile. The week leading up to his birthday, he kept talking about this moment.

I love this picture!!! Thanks Mike!

Watch out ladies! Look at that little grin!

A little cake still on the face, but still pretty cute!

How cute is Henry in this picture! Notice the party animal in the back =).

Ethan requested balloons and party hats.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ethan for Hire Part II

Ethan is a talented little guy. Not only can you hire him to decorate your Christmas tree he also is quite the handy man. Yesterday he asked if he could help me put an organizer we bought for Abby's closet. He was so excited.

What focus and concentration.

Steady Steady

The finished project. Well, almost.