Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pizza, Pajamas and a Movie

I want to document the rest of our Japan pictures, but that will have to wait until another day.  For now I give you our evening.  Right after church we came home and put on our pajamas.  Pajama day it is!  Ethan made sure I wore mine too.  Nothing like snuggling your kiddos.  Today we finally got to watch the Spy Kids 3-D movie.  This was a movie Ethan picked out at Blockbuster last week.  Little did I know,until we got home, that the 2D version was not included!  He was so excited to watch the movie that he picked out that he watched it anyway. While watching the movie, I checked out pinterest on making homemade 3-D glasses.  So thanks to the dollar store protective glasses and a red and blue sharpie, we were set!

 They're so tough =)
 I wasn't about to miss out on the fun =)
 Oops, you weren't suppose to see this one
 Our "Wow this is the coolest thing ever" faces
 Our movie night was not complete without a little pizza
 In experimenting with ways to get Abby to smile, I told her to think of something that made her happy.  She told me the picture below was her "I'm thinking of a kitty" face
 Ethan took a swing at taking some pics.  He told us to make a party face
 This is our "Don't even think of touching our pizza" face