Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brother and Sister Love

As many of you know, Becky and I had our Cousins' Closet Resale event this last weekend. We had about 100 moms consign with us this time. Let me also say publicly, that it would not have been possible without our sweet family and friends!!! There was a point where I wasn't sure we would be ready in time for our shoppers, but we made it with 5 minutes to spare. Becky and I are now facing piles of laundry that have been neglected. =) I even spent 1 1/2 hours at Winco with the kids so we could have food in our house again. I think Eric was in shock on Monday when I actually made soup from scratch with rolls and salad. He's been a very supportive hubby! Thanks babe! My blog has also been a little neglected. I have so many pictures to post. These are from our recent trip to visit Eric's grandma. Getting two kiddos to smile at the same time it quite a challenge. I was blessed to have caught this moment on our camera. Here are a few pictures leading up to it.

Ethan looking innocent

I got Abby to look at the camera. Wait, what's Ethan doing.

The picture I had wanted in my head is not turning out. Let's try again.Ooh! I got one to look at the camera and smile.

Yay! I love this picture. Makes me feel so blessed!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Smell My Feet

So I was busy tagging for our Cousins' Closet sale next week and took a break for lunch. Here is a conversation Ethan had with me while he was finishing his food.
Ethan: Smell my feet mama
Me: What?
Ethan: Smell my feet
Me: (laughing)
Ethan: Smell my feet
Me: (laughing)
Ethan: Do it mama

A few more rounds of this and finally I broke down and smelled his feet still laughing

Ethan: Good job mama (followed by lots of laughter from both of us)

What a funny kid. Thought this might bring a smile to your face today too.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Cutest Boys

So, this is from August. Oops. One day we all went over to Nate's house for some backyard fun. As you can see, the boys had a blast. Lots of running and laughing. Happies boys equals happy mommies =).
A little "On your mark, get set, go!"
Don't they look like the Little Rascals?

Spying on the neighbors
Hey Nate, did you hear the one about the...
Little cuties