Friday, September 28, 2007

my meme

1. I once knocked myself over playing bowling. It was game two of some serious competition. I decided to get a little creative and do a through the legs shot. Needless to say I missed, hit my left leg, and the next thing I know I'm on the ground. Of course it was a packed house and several saw. I had totally forgotten that story until now. Thanks.

2. When I grab a handful of peanuts I like to eat the whole ones first and then the halves.

3. In first grade, my class was doing a dance to celebrate cinco de mayo. The girl's skirts were merely tucked in (whose idea was that). Anyway my skirt came off in front of the ENTIRE school. Instead of support from my teacher, I was laughed at. I guess I would have done the same thing if that happened to one of my students.

4. I almost went to a Michael Jackson concert last year. Okay so it was elementary school. It was going to be in Seattle. I worked hard to pick out my outfit. In case you're wondering it was black pants, black boots and a white shirt with built in black ruffly suspenders. It sounds quite nerdy when I type it, but let me tell you it was hot! Of course he got sick and the concert was cancelled. I was so bummed. Speaking of Michael, I also had a poster of him in my room. What?!! I must say though, I do like the jackson 5.

5. I really don't like orange skittles. If there is a bowl of skittles out, I will pick around the orange ones. My skittles order would be purple, red, green, yellow, then way down there orange.

6. I was once picked to do the lead recorder solo in music class. It was hard, but I was good. Maybe they could use me at BCC for special music.

7. When Eric and I were first married I tried to be creative and make chili without a recipe. Instead of using regular beans all I had was baked beans (the sweet ones). It was so bad that when I went to pick Eric up from work, I had my mom get rid of it for me.

8. Last week I wore Ethan's sock. You're probably wondering how is that possible. Well, I have some backless tennis shoes and needed some half socks (just covers the top of the foot). I couldn't find my own in the laundry room and stumbled upon a sock of Ethan's that was quite stretchy.

Jenna, I don't believe you've played. You know you want to join the fun =).

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm back

I have so much to blog. Thank you for your patience. Here are a few pictures of our trip to Mt. Rainier. We had such a relaxing time and will be back for sure! Ethan enjoyed his first hike (picture #1). He also enjoyed throwing rocks in the water (I'll save those for the next post), the word water "wawa" and his first phrase "wawa bye bye." Also whenever we would say look at the trees, he'd look up and say "wow."

Look at my two boys =)
Oh yes, and on the hikes he always had a stick in one hand and a pine cone or rock in the other. What a boy =)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Golfing with the Boys

Yesterday Eric and Mike let us bask in their awesomeness at Pumpkin Ridge. It was so fun to watch out husbands play golf. I will say though the fun was heightened due to the fact that we followed the boys in a golf cart. We were having so much fun watching our boys and driving around (and eating snickers and hot dogs =)) that we stayed all 18 holes. Did I mention picking blackberries when no one was around? As you can see, Becky and I even played a little. Not much though because we're too slow and the people behind us were catching up. Also because do you see many pregnant women on the golfing? I look forward to the next time. Thanks boys for a great day!

I posted this picture to show you the visor and golf shirt I was wearing (Oh yah, I totally fit in) and my glove. I wore the glove most of the time even though I wasn't golfing.